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Our company offers you a range of services from the home to the office and any other commercial locations. Our many years of work have equipped us with the necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with any job and deliver impeccable electrician service and quality in record time. 
 We install and repair all sorts of lighting. From indoor systems to outdoor, garden and pool lighting, we have you covered. We can install a whole new system or repair and rewire your old system and have it as good as new. We do special effects lighting as well for your venues to make it look beautiful and help you stand out. 
For emergency repairs, we are available on request and will help you get to the root of your problem rather than doing a quick patch fix. We repair other household electronics as well and help you install your satellite dishes and sound systems. 
Our electrician service will install and repair air conditioning systems and indoor and outdoor heating systems. We also install and repair different water heating systems. For your electric and solar powered geysers, do not hesitate to contact us. We also have service warranties for this systems. If there is a problem with any of our installations we will take a look at it and repair it.
We offer these electrician service on small and large scales. No building or premises is too big (or small) for us to work on. No matter the situation, you will always receive the same best quality from us. We have a policy of punctual delivery so we deliver as soon as possible and always ensure we work to deliver whenever we say we will. So you can be assured that we will always get the job done for you on time. Contact us now for the best service. 

Breakdown And Maintenance Service

We offer a reliable and responsive breakdown service with our skilled technicians ready to assist with tripped circuits, loss of power, lighting faults, faulty machinery, motor and pump faults, overloaded circuits and other electrical faults.

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You rely on the power to keep several parts of home operating, however occasionally wiring needs work. You can upgrade and repair the lights, outlets and switches with assistance of our electrical service. Our electricians services are insured, licensed, as well as trained to perform the wide range of the electrical services. 
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Our aim is total customer satisfaction on each job. No matter what size of project is and how much difficult is the work. You can ask us now to come and check the outlet that is not supplying the power, and to help to install wiring in the new house renovation. We also supply electrician who is prompt, friendly, as well as arrives on right time in Services van. You will recognize all our contractors in the signature uniforms as well. They do this job rightly per the local codes as well as regulations. Keep in mind, while it comes about competent electrical services or repair, we may fix this! 
Our electricians are insured and licensed to safely and competently perform the electrical service, installations and repair in the home. Our aim is 100% of customer satisfaction on every job.  

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