I had been having problems with my geyser at home for quite a while. It would just switch off and stop working without any explanation. I had worked with three different electrician services to fix it but the problem would always resurface after a few days. When they came to my house they took proper care in diagnosing the problem and explaining what it was to me. Since they worked on it, I have not had any problems at all and I am very happy. A definite five stars.


I have been trying to go green in my home and we decided to implement more solar powered systems. I called electrician services to install solar panels through a friend’s recommendation. They came and got the job done, in a very professional manner. I have been able to save quite a lot on electricity bills and I am definitely satisfied with their service. Would certainly recommend their services to anyone.


We were working on remodelling our club’s outdoor lighting to attract more customers. We needed a new design to be implemented. They worked on it and brought colour to the walls and the floors and even the swimming pool. Our venue has been the talk of the town ever since and I will absolutely be working with them from now on any new projects or repairs I need done.


The lights at our house kept burning out and the fuse box kept tripping. Being fed up with the problem I contacted them for assistance. They arrived on the same day I called and easily identifies the problem. They quickly fixed it and helped me understand the cause and also explained how I could avoid the problem in the future. I would recommend them to anyone.


Yesterday 2 electricians came to our place to complete many jobs that include installing the recessed lighting, installing and fixing exterior lighting, replacing the TV cable, as well as identifying the problem that we had with jet bathtub. They arrived on right time.  

Juan Carlos

The team came to our house and proceeded to review all items that they will work on & discussed any kind of issues with every installation and repair with us. They then went to work. As they were prepared, expert and completed all their work in the reasonable time and very importantly the work was excellent. .


It is a 2d time that we have used your service and are highly satisfied with the work. I will add for an amount of the work that they have completed, price that they quoted & charged was very reasonable. I recommend your service for any kind of residential electrical work that you might need.  

Paul Joseph

Suppose you are searching for the company that is very ethical your search is then over.” I have these group located in my area that have the portable generators. Because of nature of individuals that we serve it is very imperative these generators work for power outage.


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